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  • Q: What is RFID blocking?
  • A: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Skimming is an issue that concerns, in the case of credit and debit cards, the illegal and unauthorized remote retrieval of card details by use of reader devices. Card details can be ‘skimmed’ from meters away, leaving the card owner with absolutely no knowledge of their details being taken. With RFID blocking, our Persona Card Holder/Wallets form an aluminium ‘Faraday Cage’ around the card, which prevents details from being skimmed. We have rigorously and successfully tested this technology with prototype Persona samples and encourage you to try using your credit/debit cards on PayWave readers whilst they are inside one of our Persona cardholders to verify their RFIDS blocking effectiveness. Please note, Uno and Chroma card holders being made of polymers, do not exhibit the same Faraday Cage effect.
  • Q: Is the Chroma and the UNO made from the same material but with added chrome edges?
  • A: Yes that’s correct.
  • Q: I’m curious if any wear and tear studies have been done on the Uno and Persona models and if so what were your findings. ie: scratches, falls, water, everyday usage etc.
  • A: Water doesn’t bother any model. We’ve been road testing prototypes of Persona, Uno and Chroma for 18 months so we know they pass the rigors of everyday use with flying colours. They will scratch and scuff over time as will everything – your smartphone, key ring or anything you put in and out of your pockets continually. The extent of scuffing is entirely dependent on the individual and their lifestyle. Someone working in an office will be less damaging of his personal articles than say a tradesman such as a bricklayer.
  • Q:  How many cards do the NU Lifestyle Card Holder/Wallets carry?
  • A: Each NU model holds four standard embossed credit/debit cards. Alternately you can take maybe one, two or three cards and a few folded cash notes – obviously the number of cards reflects how many notes will fit or are required to keep everything held in securely. The plastic models (Uno and Chroma) have a little more ‘give’ and so the plastic will expand to fit more cards and/or cash than the Persona models. We did a lot of research on how many cards people actually use every day, and even though most people carry more than a dozen cards in their purse or wallet, they really only use 2-3 cards 99% of the time. That’s usually an ID/drivers license, a credit card or two and/or an ATM card. All other non essential, infrequently used cards can be kept in a card wallet in the car and taken out when actually needed. It works really well.
  • Q: How solid is the lanyard?
  • A: The Lanyard is woven nylon so it won’t break easily but of course could be cut.
  • Q: Can I order from another country?
  • A: Of course! Once our Nu Lifestyle order is ready to go, we plan to be shipping worldwide on a daily basis and within 24 hours of payment receipt!
  • Q:  How much is shipping?
  • A:  Shipping is calculated based on your location at checkout, and is in Australian dollars.
  • Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  • A:  Delivery is typically between 3-15 business days. On rare occasions the customs agency within the destination country may choose to delay individual shipments as a random security measure, these delays can be 2-4 weeks for UK and US, and 4-6 weeks for continental Europe except for Belgium and the Netherlands which can be up to 8 weeks on very rare occasions.
  • Q:  Can I have my order Express shipped?
  • A: Of course. Contact us for a quote.
  • Q: What happens if I want to return/exchange an item/s purchased?
  • A: As long as the item/s is in original and unused condition, contact us with your order number and your requirements and send the original item/s back to us by post within 30 days from the date of receipt. For more information, please see our Returns and Exchanges page.
  • Q: What if I don’t like what I ordered?
  • A: No problem. If this occurs we will gladly refund the cost of the purchase once the products have been returned to us, provided the items are returned in original and unused condition and within 30 days of the date of receipt. All returns will be credited to the original credit/debit card or Paypal account used, shipping and handling costs are not refundable. For more information, please see our Returns and Exchanges page.
  • Q: Will I be charged duties and taxes on receipt of goods for shipments to countries other than Australia?
  • A: It is important to note that import taxes and charges are NOT included in the price of your order. The majority of shipments are delivered free of customs taxes and duties however occasionally the destination country’s customs agency may select your shipment for assessment and could charge these duties and taxes. This charge varies from country to country and is out of our control, please refer to your relevant country’s taxation office.
  • Q: Can I buy Nu Lifestyle products in a store?
  • A: We’re currently on the look out for distributors. If you’re interested in selling Nu Lifestyle products in your shop or store, please get in touch.
  • Q: How safe is ordering via the Internet?
  • A: At Nu Lifestyle, we take no payment information through our website and instead leave the security to the world’s best. All payment information is taken and processed by Paypal. Once you’ve selected your items and hit checkout you will be redirected away from our site to Paypal where your payment information will be taken. As such, we retain no information on our website that may be susceptible to fraudulent activity.
  • Q: Does anyone have access to my personal information?
  • A: The only time personal details are provided to a 3rd party is when we believe a consumer is actively using the credit card for fraudulent purposes. These details are supplied to the necessary authorities. The consumers IP address is also recorded plus their signature ID from the server account used to place the order. Please go to our Privacy section to read our complete Privacy Policy regarding ordering via our Internet site.
  • Q: If I have a problem who can I contact?
  • A: The good news is everyone at NU Lifestyle cares about providing the best level of service to our customers. See our Contact area and we vow to get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and Australian national holidays).
  • Q: Can I pay by any method other than Paypal?
  • A: Yes, you can pay with credit/debit cards through Paypal without an account.
  • Q: I have a question which hasn’t been answered here!
  • A: No problem, get in touch



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