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Nu Lifestyle

The NU Lifestyle Card Holder/Wallet is about having something simple, suited for this new fast paced world. The NU helps you bring only the essentials with you, and stops you from hoarding the rest. Live a light, simple and uncluttered life!

Sometimes you want to leave your wallet or purse at home and just bring a few cards with you. For example, the beach, a music event, coffee, all those times you want to feel light and not weighed down.

The Card Holder project started over 3 years ago in March 2010. We spent countless hours researching, sketching, generating ideas, and making hundreds of mockups and prototypes to perfect our new Card Holder/Wallet. When we arrived at the current design, we thought all of the hard work was done, but then we had to decide on what to call it.  Coming up with a name for the product proved to be equally as challenging as developing the product itself.  I wanted a name that was simple and easy to remember, that was graphically interesting, but above all, was a reflection of our design ethos and the beauty and elegant simplicity of the product.  The team spent months tossing around names and ideas but nothing seemed to fit.  I kept trying to think of a name that described something stripped down to it’s bare essentials….something minimal, something curved and sensual. My thoughts kept harking back to the great masters of the past…Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael…all found beauty and perfection in the naked human body and expressed it in the beautiful paintings and sceptres.  And one of my favourite sculptures…. Brancusi’s Bird in Space.

“Naked” or “Nude” were the two words that stuck in my mind…but neither seemed appropriate as our product name, so a search began for a word that meant the same in another language.  Of course it seems natural and appropriate that it was the French language that ultimately provide our product name.  “NU”…French for naked or nude. Simple, elegant, graphically interesting and everything we were looking for.  So finally after months of searching our product name was born. Then came the task of designing the NU logo…again it needed to be something simple, organic and sensual. We love our NU name and logo and we love our NU products.  We hope you love them too.

KWA Design

Nu Lifestyle is a subsidiary of KWA Design Group Pty Ltd.

KWA Design, formed by Kevin Whitley, is a design consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, which has been specialising in the design of consumer goods since 1981.

KWA Design are committed to bringing the highest quality products to market and maximising customer and consumer satisfaction through minimalist designs and unexpected delights. KWA Design have multiple award winning designs including Sydney City street lights and have done work for Samsung, Sony, Nike and many more.

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